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XEE BNL is a nondenominational association that serves all and any Christian churches.
We equip believers to share about Jesus in their networks: family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and acquaintances.
Our vision is that every believer knows how to bring their network of people to the Gospel in an understandable and respectful way - and teach others to do the same.
Global Evangelism Explosion (EE) is one of the largest and fastest growing Christian ministries. It is based on D James Kennedy’s discussion framework, which has been in use with success for 60 years.
Interactivity enables powerful multiplication of the ministry: one person cannot reach all, but one can equip others to reach further people for the Gospel.

Xee Stories : ChristinaChristopherHarrisonJapeMark

Three Pillars of XEE

Prayer Partner Prayers
Exodus 17:8-16 describes the battle of Israel, where Moses stood on a hill hands raised. The Israelites were winning as long as Moses’ hands were lifted up high. The battle lasted long and he became weary, so Aaron and Hur came to assist him. They held Moses’ hands until the victorious end of the battle.
Prayer partners are every XEE students and team leaders “Aaron” and “Hur”. Their support is key to the success of the training, because prayer is the best friend of evangelism. They are inseparable.
You pray with prayer partners for minimum 15 minutes per week throughout the XEE semester. During XEE teacher clinic, the prayers carry you two weeks before the first weekend, between the weekends and two weeks after the last clinic meeting.
On the Job Trainings
True learning can only happen when the theory is put into practice. In every XEE course meeting, groups of three will go out (or online over zoom) to meet those friends that do not know Jesus yet. The theory from the XEE training is put in practice in those discussions, supervised by the team leader.
The on the job trainings are prearranged meetings with people from your networks. The team of three can also decide to meet some new people. The first and foremost goal is to utilise existing connections - those people that you will anyway encounter in your daily life.
Leading by example - team leaders
When teams of three are formed on a XEE semester, the team leader will be a person who has already passed at least one XEE semester. This experience enables the team leader to coach and encourage his students towards independent evangelising lifestyle. He processes the theory with his students and is responsible for the activities during the on the job trainings.
The goal of the XEE semester is that the students who pass the semester will act as a team leader on the next semester. Teaching others helps to keep growing the lifestyle adopted on the first XEE semester. When one teaches others, the information transforms into knowledge and understanding. Acting as a team leader supports genuine discipleship and adds to the multiplication of Jesus’ witnesses.

XEE training content

Connect Life
Good relationships and connections are the foundation of a fulfilling life and offer great opportunities to share faith. In this first section we focus on developing people skills. This will help to deepen the existing relationships we have and to create new ones.
Share Life
The second section is about telling about your faith in inspiring and respectful way. Students write their own testimony, learn how to steer the conversation in gentle and intentional way and to share the Gospel through stories, Bible verses and questions.
Multiply Life
A new believer is like a baby that needs care. In the final section we learn how to grow and disciple the new believer. You’ll also learn to transfer your new evangelism lifestyle to others in the church.
XEE in local church - How do XEE and the church go together
XEE is great fit for a local church ministry. In Benelux three denominations are involved in the trainings. This his how we help the local churches to own the great command of Jesus: "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” (Mark 16:15)
We train church leaders via XEE teacher clinic to start XEE semesters in the local church. The trainings will help to transfer the responsibility of sharing the Gospel from hired staff to everyone in the local church jointly. Every XEE trained person can train others as a team leader. This is the natural way to multiply witnesses.
People of today can best receive the Gospel from people they know best. That’s why it’s crucial that as many Christians as possible share their faith. Our goal is that “everyone would tell, so that everyone would hear”. XEE is first and foremost friendship evangelism, through which we learn how to share the Gospel in our own network of people.
“XEE is born in the church and has always been based in local church. Students are called to the XEE semester form the local church, they’re equipped on the training within the church, church sends them, and they share about their church, bring new believers to the church and disciple them within the church.”
-D James Kennedy”
The Gospel also belongs to children. Hope For Kids Bible club helps you to ensure that the kids in your church understand what the Gospel is truly about. The children get excited about the message of the Bible so much, that they want to share it with their family and friends.

Questions & Answers

What makes XEE unique?
Practice separates XEE from many evangelism trainings. During the training, the theory gets put into practice by doing the things that are taught during the training.
XEE is interesting also because it fits all believers independent on denomination, ministry, calling or status. The training supports the students’ growth in faith in a significant way. XEE can boost the livelihood of the church, especially when the leaders have been trained. The power of example is huge as can be seen from D James Kennedy's story.
Two of the unique traits of XEE are its interactivity and the multiplication of witnesses. We do not bring the world to Jesus by working alone. When we learn how to tell about Jesus in an understandable way and teach the same to others, we use our limited resources wisely.
If one team leader trains two students to witness, the two will each train two more. The work of the team leader has resulted into six equipped witnesses to Jesus. If each and everyone of these XEE trained, further train two more believers - after 10 semesters, we have 2046 new witnesses. And this if each trained is on the XEE semester only twice (once as student and once as team leader). Many people get so excited that they keep on training year after year…
One individual cannot tell about Jesus to over 2000 people in person, let alone make this many disciples. Every equipped witness can instead share with one person in his network - and teach him how to bring the Gospel to their network. This is how the wonder of multiplication happens: when we focus on making rooted disciples, we will bear the eternal fruit into Gods kingdom.
Not all are evangelists?
Of course not. What would be a body (of Christ) full of eyes? (1st Cor 12:13-31)
We need to be ready to give answer to all who ask about the foundation of our hope (1st Pet 3:15).
The goal is not to produce evangelists, nor that everyone tells every new acquaintance about Jesus after the XEE training. Instead, we want to equip the common Jesus follower - you - to those situations, where there’s an opportunity to tell about Jesus’ life changing power.
Many believers who are already involved in some kind of ministry experience enormous growth of faith during the XEE training. Going back to fundamentals and meeting different people during XEE surprises even the most experienced Christians with challenges. XEE training offers a safe environment to challenge one’s own ways of work and thinking. Participants get to learn from each other and get built up in faith through shared experiences via the theory and the on the job trainings.
Guaranteed growth to all Christians!

Our services / Offering

XEE training
The core of the ministry is a 13 week XEE semester, during which a believer / student gets hands on experience on the job, with experienced team leaders starting from day one.
"Share Your Faith" - afternoon in the local church
One time event that engcourages every believer to test sharing about Jesus. You’re not alone - experienced team leaders go out with you.
XEE Clinic
Two intensive weekends with homework between the clinic days give a foundation to host 13 week XEE semesters. XEE teacher clinic is designed for church pastors, elders, leaders and volunteers.
Hope For Kids
Interactive and practical Bible and Gospel club Hope For Kids teaches 7 to 12 years old children Bible fundamentals within 12 weeks.
Brought to The Netherlands from Finland - our supporting nation
Started in Eindhoven on 2015, with current reach including
The Hague, Rotterdam, Zwolle, Brussels, Ghent and Namur
7 years in Benelux
3 denominations involved
15 trained people

History - How did XEE began

Evangelism Explosion – EE was started in 1962 by Dr. D. James (Jim) Kennedy. As a young pastor, Jim watched all his attempts to grow his first congregation go down the tubes. His church attendance dipped. Recalling those difficult times, he said, "Extrapolation made it clear that I had two-and-a-half months of ministry left before I was preaching to only my wife—and she was threatening to go to the Baptist Church down the street!"
Jim called this time the lowest point in his ministry. It was then that friend, and pastor, Kennedy Smartt, invited Jim to assist him in, of all things, a series of evangelistic services in Scottdale, Georgia, "I who had decimated one church was being asked to ship my technique across state lines. Have plague will travel!" quipped Jim.
During those 10 days of meetings, Jim simply went out with his friend and watched him engage people spiritually. By the end of the meetings, 54 people made professions of faith in Christ. Jim returned to Fort Lauderdale with the seeds that eventually became Evangelism Explosion. His church began to grow, and grow. In a brief 12-year period, church membership increased from 17 to 2,000.
Realizing that he couldn't do this alone, he made witness-training a bedrock of his ministry, utilizing on-the-job training. In 1967, his Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church was singled out as the most rapidly expanding church in America. In 1972, EE was incorporated with its own staff and Board of Directors. As it spread to other countries, EE materials were translated into other languages. By 1984 more training clinics were held overseas than were held in the US.
In early 1996 EE was planted in all nations of the world. Materials have been translated into more than 70 different languages and clinics have been held in many countries. But there is still much work yet to be done developing national leadership and establishing strong, indigenous ministries in every nation.
The International Office provides an administrative base and raises financial support for the international operations of this ministry. It also oversees the material sales and training clinics for the United States. EE is a multi-denominational, non-profit missions organization whose operations are dependent upon our Lord’s grace and the gifts of His people.

XEE Ministry now: EE for younger generations

EE has developed XEE, a new and effective way to equip newer generations of students in personal, relational evangelism.
Global Evangelism Explosion (EE) is one of the largest and fastest growing Christian ministries. EE/XEE ministry is active in 83 countries - having had full semesters in each country on the globe (last county was North Korea in 1995). Hundreds of thousands local churches have had semesters in the last 60 years. In 2019 over 60 000 local churches hosted a semester. XEE materials are available on 22 languages Other EE materials are available on all major languages.
EE materials were modernised for generations X and Y (hence the name XEE) in 2000’s. The core of the ministry remains the same, but the stories, Bible verses and examples were upgraded to better suit the modern post Christian cultural context.
Finland started the ministry in 1997 and by now they’ve helped the ministry to start in the Netherlands, Sweden, Latvia, Austria, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Germany, Israel, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Cuba. In the Netherlands XEE ministry landed in 2015.
Rather than aiming for big numbers, our core is to reach one person in our networks. We focus on meeting the needs of our family member / friend / relative / neighbour / colleague / acquaintance properly by being with them. We guide and coach them to become a disciple of Jesus.
Once our life style changes through the XEE training, it enables us to disciple more people in our networks.

Xee News

| XEE Day | Date: 09-03-2024 | Location: TCE - De Pracht, Waalre (TCE Creche) |

TCE is arranging XEE Day on 9th March 2024, 09:00 - 18:00 at De Pracht, Waalre (TCE Creche).
The XEE Day is a crash course on how to share the Gospel. The course is open for all ages between 14 and 99 years old.
We cover topics how to start conversation, establish connections to create friendship and trusting environments to share about life and values
We will learn to share basic Gospel message with Bible passages and discuss how to best handle objections.
Short theory lessons are coupled with pair practices throughout the day. At the end, we will split into groups of 3 and do on the job training either virtually or by going out to meet people in the Eindhoven/Waalre area.

Lunch and dinner are included.
We have 6 places left.
Notes / Comments :
Pre-work for the XEE Day (for those whom signup has been confirmed):

1. Prepare 2 min "My Story" about the change Jesus has made in your life
2. Prepare max 10 person "Red List" about the people who you would like to come to Jesus
3. Find 2 prayer partners and pray WITH them (physically or online) at least one time 15 min before the XEE Day

To join this event, please send a mail to Jape:
Jape Merisalo
+31 646 89 28 40

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9th March 2024, 09:00 - 18:00
| Posted on: 20-02-2024 by: Jape |

| XEE Pin Party | Date: 17-12-2023 | Location: TCE - De Pracht, Waalre |

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,
On Sunday, the 17th of December 2023 we hosted a Pin Party celebration at Trinity Church Eindhoven - De Pracht, Waalre

Our theme verse for the Pin Party was:
Romans 1:16: “For I am not ashamed of the gospel,
for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…”

After the regular Sunday service, we went up to share key figures from the course, our 15 weeks journey of learning how to share the Good News of Jesus to our friends, colleagues and family members.
The significant achievements from the course are: 22 faith discussions and the fact that 4 people came to Christ or became renewed in their faith.
Next, we shared a testimony from one of the 4 graduates on how the course has helped them to bear witness of the Gospel. The graduate told how the course allowed him to share - in a low key, understandable way - God’s love to people in his life.

Xee Stories : ChristinaChristopherHarrisonJapeMark
Jape Merisalo
+31 646 89 28 40

XEE Pin Party
17th of December 2023
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| Eindhoven XEE activities of 2023 | Date: 2023 | Location: De Pracht, Waalre |

We plan to re-start the ministry at Trinity Church Eindhoven inviting people from all international churches within the Netherlands.
The lessons will be hybrid, online via Zoom and physically in Trinity Church Eindhoven located in De Pracht, Waalre.
To sign up as a student (first time) or as a team leader (XEE course done in the past) please contact Jape:

+31 646 89 28 40
26th Mar 2023 13:00 - 14:30 | XEE Start Info at TCE De Pracht, Waalre, NL
15th Apr 2023 13:00 - 17:00 | XEE taster afternoon at TCE De Pracht, Waalre, NL
28th May 2023 13:00 - 14:30 | XEE Start Info at TCE De Pracht, Waalre, NL
18th Jun 2023 - 25th Jun 2023 | Toni in Holland combined with Amsterdam 2023 event
30th Aug 2023 18:00 - 19:30 | XEE Start Info at TCE De Pracht, Waalre, NL

XEE 15 week semester 4th Sep 2023 - 17th Dec 2023
18:00 - 22:00 at TCE De Pracht, Waalre, NL :

26th Mar
28th May
30th Aug
Start-info at Trinity Church Eindhoven
De Pracht, Waalre, Nederland
4th Sep Connecting principles and skills
13th Sep Connecting and caring, intentionally
18th Sep Sharing your faith starts here
27th Sep Launch questions
4th Oct Your story
11th Oct Life
16th - 20th Oct School holiday (back-up)
25th Oct Us
1st Nov God
8th Nov Jesus
15th Nov Faith
22nd Nov Response
29th Nov Nurturing new life + Multiply life
6th Dec Issues in life + building life
13th Dec Exam + inviting new people
17th Dec Pin Party celebration at TCE De Pracht church service

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| EE Changemakers training | Date: from 8th July to 4th August 2022 | Location: Larsmo Mission Home, Finland |

EE Changemakers training is coming to Europe, Finland!
Are you, or do you know anyone 18-30 years old, who has a heart for evangelism and would like to join the training from 8th July to 4th August 2022 in Finland?
The total cost of the training is 200EUR.
To register and find out more, please visit
EE Changemakers
More info and an invitation from Toni:
Hello team XEE Benelux!
We have an amazing opportunity for your
young believers: The first Changemakers training in Europe!
I think and we believe it will be one of the best practical evangelism and youth leadership trainings in whole Europe this year!

It would be awesome to have somebody or two delegates from Holland and Belgium!

The Changemakers training is organized by Evangelism Explosion International, EE Europe and XEE Finland. It's for young people age between 18-30.

The training is for young people who are interested in reaching their life circles, country and Europe with the gospel, and thinking to become ministers of God's Kingdom and maybe full-time workers for God and evangelism in the future.

This training is the first one in Europe. Other continents have had their own for many years already. We are very excited to have this now in Europe!
The participants in other continents have done a great impact and difference in their lives and in their Churches, cities and counties after the training.

The training has good fellowship, teaching, practical evangelism, how to train other youth, and leisure time. There will be a lot of time for fellowship with other youth delegates and personal time and prayer. From our experience there will be a lot of God's vision for his Kingdom and reaching friends and the world.

The training includes teachers from Australia, USA, Finland, Romania and Indonesia (at least).

We accept 35 young people to the training. From anywhere around Europe.

The location of the training is Larsmo's mission home site, in a really beautiful location, near the sea, by the lake.
(Very traditional Finnish smoke sauna included!😆🔥)

Time is 8.7.-4.8.
Delegates may come as early as 6.7. or 7.7. and they get accommodation in Helsinki from Finnish XEE trainers. Then a joint bus ride 8.7. to Larsmo (between Kokkola and Pietarsaari).

It is not necessary to have XEE / EE experience beforehand, but it would be good to have an interest and a calling in the work of God and the work of the gospel. This training will be the culmination of the future.

The delegates are encouraged to participate in, or start, one year’s period in your country’s XEE. This is voluntary.

Here are the websites:
There you will find more information and an application form that a candidate could start filling out if you they thinking of participating. There may still be an interview based on that. I am also happy to answer questions, and I can start a Whatsapp call or make a group call where you could be in and talk more with the applicant together.

The cost of the training is only 200€ (+airfare).
The training will be in English.

Some may also want to check or our website with a Google translator translated. 😉

Thank you so much!
Thank you also for doing such a great job for Holland and Belgium. We are praying for you.

Let's soon be in touch!

-Toni Linjama
National Director of XEE Finland
Assistant Vice President for EE Europe

WhatsApp: +358404165183
| Posted on: 14-05-2022 by: Jape & Toni |

| XEE day | Date: 02-04-2022 | Location: venue to be confirmed |

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,
On Saturday 2nd of April we are planning to meet for the final day of the XEE course that has been running since end 2021.
We will physically meet in Eindhoven with those available (venue to be confirmed).
Please let me know if you would like to join for part of the time or full meeting (lunch sandwiches will be provided and headcount for that is needed).
Please also let me know if you have a friend who we could meet for on the job training (OJT) on Saturday 2nd April afternoon.
Graduation: April 2022
At least one person from Trinity Church Eindhoven will graduate during the day, and hopefully three other people from other churches. Ton and Erik will receive their team leader pins too.
Graduation: April 2022
Don't hesitate to reach out to me or the team if you have questions.
Jape Merisalo
+31 646 89 28 40

XEE day
2nd April 2022
| Posted on: 22-03-2022 by: Jape |

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How to support XEE BNL work?

Monthly Supporters

Through XEE’s nondenominational ministry, we activate all believers to share the Bible’s core message in understandable and respectful way. Our work is fully dependent on individuals and monthly donors, and we are actively seeking for new members to pitch in.
You can give one-off gifts, or become a monthly donor. Regular donors get frequent updates on the XEE BNL ministry.

John 4:35

"I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields!
They are ripe for harvest."

Contact Xee Benelux

To find out about training possibilities, bringing XEE to your church, or to get in touch with XEE trained people in BNL region, please reach out to

XEE Netherlands Contact Person
Jape Merisalo
+31 646 89 28 40